Every account or channel on YouTube makes their own rules in order to keep things safe and clean. It is important to make a list of rules for your own YouTube account in case any mishaps occur. If you feel like someone is commenting as if they are breaking the rules, block them.

Examples of channel rulesEdit

  • Feel free to share your thoughts:

After watching the video, sharing your thoughts is always the quality standard.

  • No spamming:

Everyone hates spam. Don't just post unnecessary material only to attract attention for yourself or anyone else. Don't spam by flooding, advertising, posting junk, or anything beyond that.

  • No inappropriate language:

It's best to keep YouTube a friendly environment. No curse words, no anti-gay slurs, no racial slurs, and no religion bashing.

  • No commenting any personal information:

This is a no-brainer. Regardless of who owns any account, never comment any personal information that consists a person's real name, date of birth, place of birth, street address, financial information, or anything beyond that.

  • No threats:

Making threats may consist if you're going to perform harm to someone.

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