VideoGamePhenom (whose alternate channel is named Shawn Douglas Fenn) was a YouTube gaming channel.


VideoGamePhenom was founded on March 11, 2016. The channel mainly focuses on Nintendo games using emulators for retro game consoles and Hauppauge HD PVR for modern home console games. He weakly upscales his DS, GB/GBC/GBA, and NES game footage to pseudo HD from the native resolution of the consoles and passes it off as "truly remastered in true HD" when you can clearly see that it is clearly in 240p. The first game VGP completed was Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). For Mario 2D games, it relied primarily on savestates to avoid taking hits and losing lives. From that point on, VGP continued uploading retro content from NES and SNES games until the end of June. From early July to late August, VGP completed the first four generations of Pokemon, handheld games developed by Game Freak.

On March 19, 2017, VGP closed its channel, citing personal reasons and failure to produce properly. The owner stated in an interview previously "It was a long journey to entertaining the world...but life can be short if you're not an experienced type of producer. There's always something entertainment can't buy, and that's gaming."

Final records before shutdownEdit

  • Number of videos: 4390
  • Subscribers: 4361
  • Number of games completed: 77
  • Number of ROM hacks: 12
  • Lifetime video views: 620,761

Previous channel rulesEdit

VideoGamePhenom made a set of commenting rules on order to prevent mishaps and other violations. Because VGP owns nearly thousands of videos, comments come one after another, but don't always come clean. Listed below are some rules before commenting.

  • Feel free to share your thoughts:

After watching the video, sharing your thoughts of what you saw is always the quality standard.

  • Do not post any offensive or unkind comments:

Do not insult this user by saying "cheater" or "hacker" for example.

  • Do not spam:

Everyone hates spam. Do not post comments that consist spamming or gibberish, which can likely mean you're only try to attract attention for yourself. More ever, do not post unwanted comments, like "first" for example, because it doesn't matter who comments first, even if the video has no comments yet.

  • No inappropriate language:

Try to keep everything around a clean environment. Do not post comments that consist vulgarism, racism, sexism, anti-gay slurs, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, religion bashing, or antisemitism.

  • No advertising:

Do not post URLs in any video which may consist advertising. Sometimes, advertising could lead to harmful downloads.

  • English please:

This user natively understands and speaks English. If you post a comment in any language other than English, it will be translated for review.

  • No phishing:

This consists trying to obtain sensitive information such as other usernames, passwords, and other financial details for malicious reasons. Phishing is absolutely not allowed. Violating this rule could be reported and will likely lead to an immediate block.

  • DO NOT post any personal information:

No matter who owns any account (especially this user), posting any personal information that includes a person's real name, date of birth, place of birth, place of residence, identification number, financial information, and anything else beyond that is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This matter is taken very seriously. Violating this rule could be reported and will likely lead to an immediate block.

  • No threats:

This consists that you're attempting to harm someone. We take this matter very seriously. Violating this rule could be reported, lead to an immediate block, and legal action taken.

  • Do not tell lies, slander, or post fake news:

Do not post news or events that are untrue to the public as this may lead to major confusion. If you are caught doing this, you may be reported, and your account could be blocked immediately.

  • No impersonation:

Do not create an account that pretends to be VideoGamePhenom. Do not post comments while performing signature forgery of this user. If you are caught doing this, you will be reported.

  • Do not comment only in capital letters:

Using only capital letters may think you're screaming or shouting in anger or in exclamation. This will not be tolerated. Any comments discovered solely in capital letters will be removed.

  • No political statements:

Do not discuss or mention politics that work for any federal government. This could likely lead to jealousy and big-time debates.

  • No arguing or debating in replies:

It's not always polite or fair to debate or argue when you're replying to the same user or anyone else who is in the conversation. This could lead to confusion, so please comment independently if you feel that you cannot reply properly.

  • No copying and/or re-uploading content:

Do not use video downloading software to copy or pirate this user's videos without formal permission. If the video you uploaded deems to match and contain the same length as this user owns, it will be flagged and taken down.

  • No inappropriate usernames:

Do not come to the VGP channel with usernames offending VGP itself or any known celebrity, company, etc. If you are caught with an offensive username, you will be reported.

  • No doxing:

Do not post URLs or any content that may feature photos of a person in real life without express written consent of the person who owns them. If you are caught doing this, you may be reported, and your account could be blocked immediately.

  • No block evading:

Please be precise and reasonable about this. If your account is blocked, and you are detected commenting with another account, that other account will be blocked immediately as well. It's OK to own multiple accounts, but not when you're breaking the rules.

  • DO NOT file false or erroneous legal claims:

This is a no-brainer. Do not flag videos or other content owned by VideoGamePhenom for copyright infringement for any illegitimate reason. This may represent that you're seeking revenge or trying to retaliate if anyone (especially VGP) blocks your account, or that you're trying to troll to be funny. This is also a violation of the YouTube Terms of Service. Only a real copyright company such as Nintendo, Viacom, or any third-party company counts to be legit to remove content for copyright. If you are deemed to be making false or erroneous claims yourself, you will be reported, and legal action could be taken as well.

  • Do not trick others into breaking these rules:

If you try to trick anyone else into breaking these rules by accident, they won't get in trouble, but you will be exposed yourself, so don't do it.

ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! These rules equal trust and safety. If you feel that you cannot obey these rules properly, then you are not welcome to comment on any video VGP owns.


  • VideoGamePhenom was named after a famous YouTube musician, GuitarHeroPhenom.