• Sorry to bother you, but it seems that one user is using this site as a playground to post unnecessary pages and post personal/confidential information. I'm trying to make this troublesome user reasonable; he claims that I gave permission to post these pages, but it appears liable, with no permission granted. A month before, this user has a history of receiving a one-week global block due to a suspected DDoS violation. Check out this user's contributions and see for yourself.

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    • Hi VideoGamePhenom, 

      Apologies for my late reply. You'll need to contact us to discuss this issue.

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    • Don't worry. I have contacted your support staff before, and it has all been taken care of. TPG is the one who has been stirring up various debates and controversy as of lately. It seems that the remainder of the staff have put a tracking device on TPG, so no further trouble and confusion occurs. But all in all, everything is fine.

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    • To be perfectly honest, there's nothing wrong going on. Semanticdrifter replied to me over Fandom Support and confirmed that staff have understood everything's going okay as of now. There's no reason to ask them to "install a tracking device" (i.e., monitor my global contributions), because nothing I've posted on this wiki violates the TOU, however it's always good to get confirmation that everything's under control.

      I will note however that if you have a problem with anything on the site, staff message walls are not a place to discuss it, because it's always there to create drama. If you want to tell any issue to staff, it's advised to use the Special:Contact form in all instances.

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    • ThePokémonGamer
      ThePokémonGamer removed this reply because:
      He may not want to know this in the future.
      19:43, April 25, 2017
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