Plant Plain is the first level of Kirby: Canvas Curse, as well as the first world, Reddy Land.


Area 1Edit

Kirby will start out on a hill, and this first section contains the enemies Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt. The paintbrush may also draw Kirby to a 1-Up at the top left of the screen, where he'll find a Bloon. The Bloon has the Balloon Copy Ability, which makes its debut and has only appeared in Kirby: Canvas Curse to date.

Area 2Edit

This area is similar to the first section, where Kirby must make it through to the door, however the enemies here are very similar, and there will be Bronto Burts to the start.

Area 3Edit

Kirby may grab a Wheel Copy Ability and this section contains the rainbow door. Kirby can go further than that and the paintbrush can break the star block so Kirby can shoot to a cannon to find an extra part of the level containing the medal.


  • Medal #1 - In area 1, this medal is fairly easy to locate. It is found near the start after some Waddle Dees.
  • Medal #2 - Near some enemies on star blocks in the pit, the paintbrush must tap the bomb block to make the medal accessible.
  • Medal #3 - Don't go into the rainbow door at the end yet. The paintbrush must tap the star block with the DS stylus and Kirby must go through the cannon, and the medal will be found above the rainbow door.



Kirby Canvas Curse - Level 1 Reddy Land - Plant Plain04:30

Kirby Canvas Curse - Level 1 Reddy Land - Plant Plain

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