NintendoGamingHD is a YouTube gaming channel.


NintendoGamingHD was founded on April 18, 2016. This user focuses mainly on Nintendo-related games, including Mario and Pokémon, as well as Nintendo licensed games such as World of Goo and Plants vs. Zombies (DS).

Channel rulesEdit

NintendoGamingHD is a casual and ordinary gamer. Some gamers have partners, but some may have rivals. Some rules consist commenting rules while others consists rules for the channel overall. Not reading these rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

  • Feel free to share your thoughts:

Sharing your thoughts is always a quality standard after you're finished watching a video.

  • Avoid posting insulting or offensive comments:

Trolling, taunting, or being insulting is not suggested. Do not post comments, like "cheater" or "hacker" for example.

  • NO spamming:

Do not just spam about only to attract attention for yourself. Even if a video has no comments yet, do not say "first" for example, because it doesn't matter who is first anyway. Spamming can also mean unwanted advertising or inserting gibberish letters (i.e., "hsdfuihsuitrhweuirhuiwe2347892387783") as well. Don't do that either.

  • No typing in ALL CAPS:


  • Do not use swear words offensively:

Swear words are acceptable when illustrating a certain point or as emphasis, however they may not be used in an attempt to offend or troll other users.

  • No racial/ethnic slurs, bigotry against a certain group of people, anything anti-LGBT, religion bashing or any of the like is tolerated.

Do not write comments that contain offenses, slurs, prejudices or bigotry against a certain group of people.

  • Try to write in English to the best of your understanding.

This user speaks and reads English natively, and well as a non-native reader of Japanese. Comments written in other languages may be translated by others for review, and may be removed if judged as violative of any of the other listed rules.

  • Do not post or link pornography, hentai, or sexually explicit content in your comments.

Children also go on YouTube sometimes, so linking to pornography or otherwise sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited.

  • Do not create second accounts without a legitimate reason.

Do not create second accounts for illegitimate reasons such as pretending to be a different person in order to evade an existing ban. Second accounts are okay, as long as they have legitimate good faith reasoning. Any second account without a legitimate purpose will be given an indefinite block.

  • No doxing of personal information:

"Doxing" refers to maliciously revealing private information from another user or person without their permission, and this is a serious offense that will lead to an immediate block. This includes real names (unless you know the user and have their permission to post it), email/street addresses, financial details, login information such as passwords, phone numbers, date of birth, and residence.

  • Do not link to video game ROMs or other pirated content.

Emulators and video game ROMs are an illegal method to play video games and constitute copyright infringement (See this link for more info). Do not link to emulator download sites, video game distribution ROMs, video game disc ISOs, or direct others about video game emulation websites and where to find them. If you want to play a video game ROM, look them up yourself.

  • Do not attempt to hack the channel or request passwords and login information from other users.

This is somewhat likely of a phishing violation. If you are caught doing this, you will be reported.

  • NO impersonation:

Do not pretend to be NintendoGamingHD or another user by making another account to disguise as that user.

  • No slander or defamation:

Do not tell anything that is deliberately untrue and attempts to defame another person or user.

  • Do not pirate or copy any videos or lift any other content from the channel:

If you download a video from the channel and upload it on yours, a copyright complaint will be filed.

  • Do not file erroneous legal claims:

Do not flag any video the user owns for copyright infringement or similar offenses for illegitimate reasons, such as to gain revenge on or retaliate against the user, even if filing a false copyright claim is easier to do on YouTube. This will result in an immediate block and being reported. If you believe a video owned by NintendoGamingHD is similar to yours, clear it up with this user. Only a third party claimant with a legitimate reason to file a legal complaint (i.e., a real, legitimate company including Nintendo, Viacom, etc.) is allowed to do so.

  • No arguing or debating in the comments section:

Do not attempt to stir up debate with other users, especially on things that you believe may be controversial to many, as this may get out of hand. If it leads to a huge fight and bullying with other users, you may receive a 24-hour block to cool down the conversation. Also, try not to discuss anything that makes people uncomfortable (i.e., religion, politics, etc.). If you want to have these discussions, please have them in a calm, respectful manner.

  • Do not constantly change your username:

Make sure to keep your username the same while commenting so it does not lead to confusion. If you wish to change your username you use when making comments, do so on a very limited basis.

  • Do not discuss about banned users relating to their ban:

Blocks on the channel are to be between the owner of this channel and the user who got blocked. Please do not discuss about another user's ban, or use the comments section to brag about it, or try to create a mass debate about it while being the middleman for the user who got blocked.

  • No mini-modding:

Do not mini-mod or mini-op. This refers to trying to take care of things on behalf of this user or any of the channel's moderators, such as handing out warnings and block notices. Please report any rule violation by sending a private message to NintendoGamingHD or any user that NGHD has as a moderator.

ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! These rules equal trust and safety. If you feel that you cannot obey these rules properly, then you are not welcome to comment on any video NGHD owns. These policies may change without notice, so make sure to check back to ensure you're following them correctly.


  • Most of the titles and descriptions for the videos NintendoGamingHD owns are in the English language, but some game names, character names, and other places in descriptions display their Japanese names.
  • NintendoGamingHD uploads content, following the footsteps of a defunct channel, VideoGamePhenomHD. The defunct channel eventually resurrected after a two-and-a-half year retirement, renamed VideoGamePhenom, which also decided to close down on March 19, 2017, whereas NintendoGamingHD is still going to be alive for the future.


YouTube channel

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