Mario Kart 64 is a video game released for the Nintendo 64 on December 14, 1996 in Japan, February 10, 1997 in North America, and June 24, 1997 in Europe.


Mario Kart 64 is the second game of the Mario Kart spin-off racing game series. There are eight playable characters, sixteen tracks, and four battle courses. Up to four players can play.


Mushroom CupEdit

  • Luigi Raceway: This is a standard track for beginners. A hot-air balloon descends and holds an item box beneath it.
  • Moo Moo Farm: Monty Mole lurk out of their nests, causing racers to be sent crashing upward when making direct contact with them.
  • Koopa Troopa Beach: This track has ramps, palm trees, and crabs. Bumping into any trees frontal or any crabs causes a racer to spin out.
  • Kalimari Desert: A train traverses on its tracks, forcing racers to hit the brakes when it goes by. Any racers making direct contact with the train causes them to be sent crashing upward.

Flower CupEdit

  • Toad's Turpike: There is traffic on the highway, and direct contact with any of the larger vehicles sends a racer crashing upward.
  • Frappe Snowland: There are snowman bombs at certain spots, and direct contact with them sends a racer crashing upward.
  • Choco Mountain: Large rocks that fall near the lake will squash a racer when it strikes. At the difficulty of 100cc or higher, the banisters guarding the water are removed.
  • Mario Raceway: Making contact with the Piranha Plants on the rough grass causes a racer to spin out.

Star CupEdit

  • Wario Stadium: Although there are no hazards or obstacles, there is a broad jump near the end of the track, reminiscent to the one in Mario Circuit 2 of the previous title.
  • Sherbet Land: Making direct contact with the penguins causes a racer to spin out. The ice can be a bit hard to handle.
  • Royal Raceway: After crossing a bridge with speed boosters, racers will make a fairly long jump.
  • Bowser's Castle: Bumping into Thwomps causes a racer to spin out. A Thwomp can also squash a racer when above it.

Special CupEdit

  • DK's Jungle Parkway: Going on the grass causes stones to push a racer back onto the track. After a tricky turn, a speed booster gives the racers a broad jump over the river.
  • Yoshi Valley: Depending on which path anyone takes, their position will vary. Porcupos are in the area along with a giant egg near the end.
  • Banshee Boardwalk: In an abandoned building, bats will slow racers down a little, but they don't mean too much harm.
  • Rainbow Road: The longest track of all. Chomps will send racers crashing upward when they make direct contact.

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